Hypertrophy and Glutamine

The amino acid glutamine is probably one of the best supplements for bodybuilders. It’s an amino acid, so it┬ádefinitely helps for the purposes of hypertrophy and muscle building. But it supposedly also holds many other benefits for those looking to build muscle.

The amino acid glutamine

Taking glutamine has been found to decrease patient recovery time. The amino acid helps to heal wounds and other injuries. Those with Crohn’s Disease and other atrophy or dystrophy diseases could certainly benefit with glutamine supplementation. It could even help those with immunodeficiency, as the amino acid contributes to the work of white blood cells to maintain immune system function.

There are many ways you can alter the parameters of these two lifts to target particular muscle areas more, or increase the hypertrophy response. With snatch grip deadlifts, the wider grip puts more tension across the back and the hips, causing a fantastic hormonal response for hypertrophy. For weighted dips, massive triceps and deltoids can be achieved by pausing at different parts of the lift and changing the tempo.

It also helps your body’s ability to release growth hormone, a crucial anabolic hormone. Bodybuilders could benefit from this by taking glutamine before sleep each night to aid muscle-building while the body is in an anabolic state during sleep. Try to take 10-15 grams of glutamine a day for optimal results. Research shows that just 2g of glutamine a day increases growth hormone in the body by up to 400%.

Best of all, there are no health risks with a sensible level of consumption. This is because glutamine appears naturally in most people’s diets already, occurring chiefly in meats and other common foods.